US West Coast Congestion Surcharges coming

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According to several emails alleged to be from ocean carriers, US West Coast congestion surcharges appear to be imminent. From Aug. 19th, 2021 ingate, the charge is expected to be $800/20′, $1000/40′, $1125/40HQ & $1266/45′ container. A further increase is anticipated for Sept. 15th, 2021 ingate, of $2400/20′, $3000/40′, $3375/40HQ & $3798/45′ container. It should […]

FDA Hand Sanitizer Warning

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The FDA is exercising significant caution with the importation of hand sanitizer due to many products containing methanol, which is toxic to humans. For this reason, importers of hand sanitizer should be prepared for at least nominal delays in release of their shipments, and potentially extensive delays awaiting FDA lab analysis. Resource: As can […]

PayCargo increases transaction fee from April 01

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PayCargo notified us on March 16th that they were increasing their modest transaction fee of $5 to $7.50 with effect from April 1st, 2020. PayCargo is the preferred 3rd party payment platform for remittances to the trade (i.e. freight forwarders, airlines, etc). Accordingly, clients can expect to see this nominal fee passed along at cost. […]

TSCA Title VI Certifications – Formaldehyde & Composite Wood Products

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Effective Mar. 22nd, 2019, an ACE PGA message set for TSCA certification will be required for entry of all products which contain composite wood components. The covered material includes: Hardwood plywood Particleboard Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) The imported products must bear a label of compliance, and the importer must adhere to certain specific requirements (see below). […]

Section 232 Trade Remedies (Steel & Aluminum)

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Section 232 tariffs to be added to steel & aluminum articles from Feb. 8th, 2020 01/29/20 Read the CBP notice here 02/04/20 Read the Federal Register Notice here 02/08/20 Turkey assessment of 50% to be reduced to 25% effective 05/21/19. See the Presidential Proclamation for detail. 05/17/19 Mexico & Canada Section 232 assessments to be […]