TSCA Title VI Certifications – Formaldehyde & Composite Wood Products

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Effective Mar. 22nd, 2019, an ACE PGA message set for TSCA certification will be required for entry of all products which contain composite wood components. The covered material includes: Hardwood plywood Particleboard Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) The imported products must bear a label of compliance, and the importer must adhere to certain specific requirements (see below). […]

Maersk Implements Container Inspection Pilot

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Maersk line has announced that it implemented a random physical container inspection program at the following US ports: Newark Houston Miami New Orleans The purpose of the random inspections is to verify that the goods are properly described and secured. Although Maersk will pay for these inspections, any deficiencies requiring correction action will be at […]

CBP Increasing User Fees effective 10/01/18

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With the start of the 2019 US fiscal year comes the now annual increase in user fees. Those that impact FgL customers are: Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) Note: The formal entry MPF rate of 0.3464% has not changed. DESCRIPTION FY2018 RATE FY2019 RATE ABI Class Code INFORMAL MPF $2.05 $2.10 311 FORMAL MPF MIN $25.67 […]

Section 232 Trade Remedies (Steel & Aluminum)

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An additional 25% assessment on certain steel products and 10% on certain aluminum products is effective on March 23rd, 2018, by Presidential order. Additionally, some countries have achieved exemptions but are subject to absolute quotas. See¬†https://www.strtrade.com/news-news-steel-aluminum-tariff-exemptions-petitioned.html for details on what harmonized tariff numbers are affected. Petitions for exemption may be filed by the importer. See […]