CBP ACH Payment Application

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Using the form CBP400, complete the application, and email to CBP at ACH-Customs@cbp.dhs.gov. Upon approval, CBP will email you back an approval message, with a payer number. Please forward this email to FgL (as well as any other brokers used) to begin taking advantage of direct duty payments.

  • Download the FgL “CBP ACH DUTY PAYMENT PROGRAM” brochure!
  • See samples of the aforementioned forms below
  • Do not alter the Customs broker information found at the bottom of the CBP400 form.
  • Customs brokers may not submit the application on your behalf, nor receive the confirmation email from CBP (this is a sensitive data security issue!)
  • CBP does not answer status inquiries from Customs brokers.
  • The approval process can take 10-15 days.


Portion of CBP400 that importer is required to complete (click image to enlarge):






Locating your importer number on a CBP7501 Entry Summary(click image to enlarge):






Sample ACH approval email(click image to enlarge):