Executive Summary

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Mission Statement

Freightgator Logistics provides personalized Customs brokerage services that meet the needs and demands of importers, freight forwarders, and third-party logistics providers. Freightgator Logistics utilizes advanced technology and participates in ongoing government and trade initiatives and programs to provide enhanced, efficient, consistent and reliable service while providing extensive shipment monitoring to ensure high-level customer service and satisfaction.

Vision Statement

Freightgator Logistics intends to expand our presence in the marketplace by the development of custom information technology solutions to facilitate efficient, accurate and consistent transaction processing.


The core of Freightgator’s business is Customs clearance. As a general commodities specialist, Freightgator Logistics handles a wide variety of merchandise with relative ease, including machinery and parts thereof, automotive goods, textiles & foodstuffs.

  • Timely Customs entry service
  • Assistance with resolution of entry issues
  • Extensive shipment monitoring
  • Exceptional levels of accuracy and consistency
  • Excellent client communication