GATORView Detail Page Enhancements

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GATORView shipment detail pages have been updated to include several exciting new enhancements, providing clientele with substantial new tracking capabilities.

Tracking links for relevant international carriers, piers, rail carriers, container freight stations, Customs exam sites, and delivering truckers will now be provided on the detail page, if relevant. Some links will be direct to the tracking page for the specific shipment; otherwise will be “generic” to the party’s tracking page or even home page. Some sites will require registration to complete the tracking.

Moreover, a complete history of all FgL tracking of the shipment will now be available by clicking, when present, the “view tracking history” link. This will direct the user to an anonymous Dropbox folder which contains a screenclip (timestamped & URL specified) of every trace FgL has performed (starting with traces performed on or after Oct. 18, 2021). Access to this history allows the user unprecedented insight into their shipment’s day by day movements & history.

Sample GATORView Detail Page link library: