Quartz – AD/CVD determinations

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The Dept. of Commerce has found that anti-dumping & countervailing duty applies to Chinese quartz, typically classified 6810.99.0010.

  • Anti-Dumping Case# A570-084-000 General Rate 314.10% Effective Date 08/22/18 (announced 11/20/18, but effective 90 days retroactively)
  • Countervailing Case# C570-085-000 General Rate 34.38% Effective Date 09/21/18
    • Countervailing Case Terminated Effective 01/19/19 (see below) 05/01/19


Petition filed for AD/CVD investigation on quartz surface products from India & Turkey 05/08/19 05/30/19

Note that CBP considers the actual entry date, not the date of importation (I.T. date), nor any other date, to govern applicability of AD/CVD assessments.

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