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  • The import sector has been experiencing overwhelming volumes in 2021, resulting in extensive delays across all modes, ports, and service providers. FgL works diligently to expedite all shipments; however, many issues are beyond FgL’s control, and with the dramatic increase in slow responsiveness, and even non-responsiveness, from many carriers & third parties, FgL cannot assume liability for storage charges incurred. 06/23/21
    • Due to the high volume of shipments incurring storage charges, legitimate or through carrier ransoming tactics, FgL is unable to attempt to negotiate storage charges at any level. Importers may choose to follow up with legal action against the party assessing the storage after retrieval of freight. 06/24/21
  • Scope of service change effective April 05, 2021. See FgL Service Outline for details. 04/02/21
  • Transport Loss Gallery – Although not updated in years, this photo gallery provides a timeless illustration of why you need marine insurance coverage on your shipments (yes, FgL CAN provide it!). 07/15/20
  • Duty Outlay Policy Updated 04/07/20
  • POA policy Updated 06/29/19


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