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    • AIR 11/18/21 entries are filed on the day of flight, after the AWB has been manifested in AMS. In the case of shipments moving inbond to a secondary airport, the entry may be delayed until departure from the first airport of arrival.
      • AIR shipments are monitored daily to ensure timely filing! 01/27/22
    • TRUCK 11/18/21 entries are filed prior to crossing the border, or, if moving inbond, on the day of arrival at the destination port.
  • FCL & LCL entries discharging and clearing at US coastal ports will typically be filed within the traditional 5 day pre-file window. Select entries may be delayed due to current port conditions; such shipments will be closely monitored to ensure timely filing. 11/24/21
    • Most US West Coast entries are currently under this guideline. 12/13/21
    • Port congestion has been observed to be significant at most US coastal ports, on all coasts. For this reason, entry filing of all ocean freight shipments clearing at the port of discharge will be delayed until the vessel has docked. This restriction will remain in effect until port services improve. Some exceptions may occur based on broker discretion. 03/16/22
  • FCL & LCL entries for which the shipment is moving inland will be filed according to these guidelines:
    • FCL
      • Discharging USEC & USWC: as early as when the container has discharged at the port, to as late as once the container has gone to rail UPDATED 11/24/21
      • Discharging CAWC/CAEC: once the train crosses the border
    • LCL 
      • Discharging USEC & USWC: once the container goes to rail, or in the case of shipments deconsolidated at the port of discharge, once the shipment departs from the CFS. 11/24/21
      • Discharging CAWC/CAEC: once the train crosses the border
      • NOTE: In almost all cases, the entry will be withheld until the shipment is visible (manifested) on the CFS’s tracking page; this allows FgL to send the release to the CFS along with their pickup number or file#, greatly expediting posting of the release. 09/17/21
  • HOWEVER, at the brokers discretion, filing may be withheld until the beginning of the month, provided doing so does not jeopardize freight availability. This applies primarily to high duty shipments which the importer is not paying direct to CBP. UPDATED 11/24/21