Section 301 Chinese Duties

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An additional duty assessment, on top of any existing duty,  on certain Chinese products is now in effect, by Presidential order. See trade law firm ST&R’s comprehensive review of current Section 232 & 301 trade issues at:

  • LIST 1 – This list comprises all goods subject to 25% additional duty effective 07/06/18.
  • LIST 2 – This list comprises a second round of tariff numbers subject to 25% additional duty effective 08/23/18.
  • LIST 3 – This list comprises a third round of tariff numbers, subject to an initial additional duty of 10% effective 09/24/18, and increasing to 25% on 01/01/19.
    • NO ADDITIONAL NOTIFICATIONS WILL BE ISSUED, except as per the routine entry-specific notification process already in place.
    • Resource: White House Press Release 09/17/18
  • LIST 4 – This list would likely encompass the balance of Chinese trade not already covered in Lists 1-3; at this time, it is merely rumored. No questions about List 4 will be answered.



  • FgL clients will be given an alert on entries affected by one or more of the 3 lists.
    • If no merchandise on the entry is subject to one of the three lists, NO alert will be issued.
  • Resources for determining if your goods are subject to Section 301 assessments:
    • Tariff  Lookup: to look up duty rates, visit and enter the first six digits of a tariff number (i.e. 8708.99) into the search box.
    • List 1-3 Lookup: Refer to the links above, and search for your tariff number on the list.
    • Requests which are related to specific, active shipments will be responded to in the normal course of business.




Petitions for exclusion can be submitted by completing the below form. Refer to the ST&R Trade links for the necessary information.




Updated 10/12/18