US West Coast Congestion Surcharges coming

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According to several emails alleged to be from ocean carriers, US West Coast congestion surcharges appear to be imminent.

  • From Aug. 19th, 2021 ingate, the charge is expected to be $800/20′, $1000/40′, $1125/40HQ & $1266/45′ container.
  • A further increase is anticipated for Sept. 15th, 2021 ingate, of $2400/20′, $3000/40′, $3375/40HQ & $3798/45′ container.

It should be noted that these amounts are one example (MSC); other carriers are expected to follow suit, but the amounts may vary. In any case, this information is non-binding on any party – the exact charge assessed any given shipment will be governed by the particulars of that shipment.